Hammond Novachord: an Instrument Ahead of its Time edit / delete

The waveform diagram is on the "restoration" page here.

to hammond music novachord retrotech synth ... on 05 January 2019

Marvin Jones edit / delete

Schematics for various 70s synths.

to audio electronics retrotech synth ... on 27 August 2016

WarrantyVoid - the electronic sound toy and keyboard modification site edit / delete

Aimed at circuit-benders, but has a very comprehensive list of home keyboards with descriptions of the technology they use and the sounds you can get out of them. I came here looking for details on the Casio CZ-230S I'd just bought...

to casio circuit-bending electronics instrument keyboard retrotech synth yamaha ... on 31 December 2015

Welcome to Libre Music Production | Libre Music Production edit / delete

A nice collection of Linux music production tutorials. I found some interesting new synth software to play with by browsing around here.

to ardour audio linux multitrack music recording synth ... on 03 October 2014

Michael J Mahon's Home Page: NadaNet, AppleCrate, Synth edit / delete

Using 17 Apple II motherboards and a homebrew network system to build a 16-voice synthesiser is a bit silly. Also quite cool, though.

to amusements apple2 distributed network retrocomputing synth ... on 10 June 2014

DAVID VORHAUS edit / delete

I like his bass fingerboard analogue controller. I wonder how easy it'd be to build an equivalent with aluminium foil and audio tape...

to controller electronica electronics music synth ... on 25 November 2012

Schematics - Novachord.com edit / delete

What it says. I'd love to do a FET clone of this.

to audio electronics hammond novachord synth ... on 19 June 2012

countercomplex: Some deep analysis of one-line music programs. edit / delete

Synthesising music from really simple expressions. We could try this in a GBA lab next term, if we can get sound working in the emulator...

to ag0700 cutecode music software synth ... on 12 November 2011

Henry's Title Page edit / delete

An impressive collection of homebrew audio and synth gear -- and how to make a crystal set work well.

to audio electronics radio retrotech synth ... on 01 October 2010

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