The Joyce Hatto Hoax Log edit / delete

Another Hatto site from 2007. This had some discussion of the resulting furore on Usenet...

to hatto music piano piracy ... on 24 November 2018

Joyce Hatto Identifications edit / delete

The site that lists what each Hatto CD is copied from. This took a surprisingly long time to find when I was looking for it last night - the Hatto scandal is long enough ago now that most of the sites describing it are only on

to hatto music piano piracy ... on 24 November 2018

Joyce Hatto - The Ultimate Recording Hoax edit / delete

From the engineer who did the analysis for the Gramophone article.

to hatto music piano piracy ... on 24 November 2018

Welcome to Pianonoise! edit / delete

Michael Hammer, organist and pianist for a large, complicated American church. He has a really nice collection of recordings and articles here; I particular like the improvisations with a saxophonist.

to bach baroque improvisation music organ piano religion ... on 09 September 2018

Roll Scanning Information Page edit / delete

A very large collection of scanned piano rolls, converted to MIDI.

to history midi music piano piano-roll ... on 20 September 2017

Piano Music for the Left Hand Alone edit / delete

Precisely what it says. I had no idea.

to music piano ... on 01 January 2008

DME::NMA_CONTENTS edit / delete

The Mozart piano duet in D that appears to show up a lot in anime.

to mozart music piano ... on 09 February 2007

BOOKER'S MAD MUSE edit / delete

About James Booker, with some (excellent) sample tracks.

to blues jazz music piano ... on 23 May 2006

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