English Folk Music edit / delete

Mostly of the 1970s-1980s persuasion. Good set of lyrics.

to chords folk lyrics music tab ... on 25 November 2008

All The Chords and Lyrics You'll Ever Want. edit / delete

Well, perhaps not, but quite a lot of useful ones...

to chords lyrics music tab ... on 17 March 2007

Megadeth Tabs edit / delete

As it says.

to guitar music rock tab ... on 19 February 2007


A complete set of online Mozart scores.

to mozart music tab ... on 09 February 2007

The Cockburn Project - Bruce Cockburn online edit / delete

Includes lyrics and tab for some of his songs.

to guitar music tab ... on 06 February 2007

cockburn-musicians : Message: Tell the Universe ,chords? edit / delete

Chords for "Beautiful Creatures".

to chords guitar music tab ... on 28 January 2007

Ralph McTell edit / delete

Chords for some of the songs from the Ralph McTell concert we went to.

to chords guitar lyrics mctell tab ... on 03 January 2007

Riff-O-Matic edit / delete

Tab for famous guitar riffs. Not very complete, but worth a few minutes' playing...

to guitar music tab ... on 20 December 2006

PAUL BRADY : Tablature edit / delete

Tabs for a couple of Paul Brady songs (including his nice open D version of "Lakes of Pontchartrain").

to folk guitar music tab ... on 07 October 2006

John Martyn Guitar Freaks' Forum edit / delete

John Martyn tab.

to guitar john-martyn music tab ... on 21 September 2006

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