English Folk Music edit / delete

Mostly of the 1970s-1980s persuasion. Good set of lyrics.

to chords folk lyrics music tab ... on 25 November 2008

Ron's Folk Chords edit / delete

The chords site I keep forgetting to bookmark, with decent transcriptions of Richard Shindell, Jeffrey Foucault, etc.

to chords foucault lyrics shindell ... on 31 March 2008

All The Chords and Lyrics You'll Ever Want. edit / delete

Well, perhaps not, but quite a lot of useful ones...

to chords lyrics music tab ... on 17 March 2007

Scott Walker. Songs. edit / delete

Another version of "My Death".

to chords lyrics music ... on 06 February 2007

cockburn-musicians : Message: Tell the Universe ,chords? edit / delete

Chords for "Beautiful Creatures".

to chords guitar music tab ... on 28 January 2007

Ralph McTell edit / delete

Chords for some of the songs from the Ralph McTell concert we went to.

to chords guitar lyrics mctell tab ... on 03 January 2007

Alan W. Pollack's Notes on ... Series edit / delete

Musicological analysis of all the Beatles' songs.

to beatles chords lyrics music musicology ... on 05 April 2006

Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site edit / delete

With chords and lyrics.

to chords lyrics music tab ... on 27 February 2006

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