ETWiki edit / delete

Comprehensive wiki (and former newsletter) for King Crimson. This is an excellent source of lyrics for their songs.

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Home - Sangstories - Stories of Scottish Songs edit / delete

"There are 150 lyrics and background stories here of traditional and newer Scottish songs sung by the Linlithgow song group Sangschule"

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Set into Song - Peter Cox edit / delete

Scripts for the (first series of) Radio Ballads. Note that the more popular songs have evolved somewhat in the folk tradition, so the lyrics here for (e.g.) Shoals of Herring won't match what people actually sing these days.

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Vaughan Williams Memorial Library - Browse The Full English edit / delete

"The Full English contains over 44,000 records and over 58,000 digitised images from the archives of 19 of the most important and influential [folk song] collectors in the UK."

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Murder Ballads | Paul Slade - Journalist edit / delete

A pretty comprehensive collection. Some of these seem amenable to a modern adaptation (e.g. there are some Kentish ones there).

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Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music edit / delete

The new home of Reinhard Zierke's "English Folk" web site. Handy reference for, e.g., Martin Carthy lyrics.

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cruelriver edit / delete

A Steve Knightley (rather than Show of Hands) lyrics collection.

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Demented Discographies edit / delete

I came here looking for Tom Lehrer, but there's the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band and various others here as well.

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Flanders and Swann Online - At the Drop of a hat edit / delete

With complete lyrics and transcriptions of (in some cases just one version of) the monologues.

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