The Public Domain Song Anthology edit / delete

"The Public Domain Song Anthology by David Berger and Chuck Israels is a collection of 348 popular songs with modern and traditional harmonization for both study and performance." I think the criterion here is something like "music that would have been well-known at the birth of jazz" - there are some interesting inclusions and omissions.

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Kumbaya: History of an Old Song | Folklife Today edit / delete

"In the mornin’ mornin’, won’t you come by here / Mornin’ mornin’, won’t you come by here / In the mornin’ mornin’, won’t you come by here / Oh, Lord, come by here."

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Australian Folk Songs edit / delete

As the title suggests.

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The Stonehill Yiddish Song Collection edit / delete

"In 1948, Ben Stonehill, a lover of Yiddish, was aware of how much had been lost to surviving Jews in terms of cultural heritage. [...] Stonehill recorded over a thousand songs from Holocaust survivors, who were being temporarily housed."

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The Valet's Tragedy, by Andrew Lang : X. THE MYSTERY OF LORD BATEMAN edit / delete

The authorship of "Lord Bateman". I was actually after a reference for the legend about Gilbert Becket being forged, but that appears to be in Child...

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Home - Sangstories - Stories of Scottish Songs edit / delete

"There are 150 lyrics and background stories here of traditional and newer Scottish songs sung by the Linlithgow song group Sangschule"

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Things I’ve learned from British folk ballads edit / delete

"Cuckoos' nests are right out."

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Murder Ballads | Paul Slade - Journalist edit / delete

A pretty comprehensive collection. Some of these seem amenable to a modern adaptation (e.g. there are some Kentish ones there).

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Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music edit / delete

The new home of Reinhard Zierke's "English Folk" web site. Handy reference for, e.g., Martin Carthy lyrics.

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