Peterman edit / delete

The history of twentieth-century Scottish safecracking. (The author is skeptical about John Ramensky's exploits.)

to crime folk-song history ramensky scotland security ... on 11 January 2017

Decline in CS in Scottish Schools: CAS-Scotland 2014 Report #CSEdWeek | Computing Education Blog edit / delete

The analysis here is a bit off, but the report is interesting reading.

to academic admissions cs school scotland teaching ... on 05 January 2015

Dictionary of the Scots Language edit / delete

"The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) comprises electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language: the 12-volume Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and the 10-volume Scottish National Dictionary (SND)." The introductory material is very interesting.

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Tegola -- Rural Broadband in Scotland edit / delete

Comprehensive site -- which grew out of an Edinburgh/UHI/etc. research project -- on building wireless networks in hard-to-serve parts of Scotland. "The other revelation that happened after we had put up our first relay was that they do not have to be tall sticky-up things. Whoever created Scotland provided it with an abundance of tall sticky-up things."

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Scots Moothie Group edit / delete

With a comprehensive list of suggested tunes.

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Ordnance Survey large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - National Library of Scotland edit / delete

High-res scans of the old town plans. I live on Thorter Row, which was built about ten years ago; from looking at the maps of Dundee here, I learned that there used to be a Thorter Row in the city centre about a hundred years before that...

to dundee history maps scotland ... on 06 August 2012

ScotlandsPlaces edit / delete

Handy location-based search engine for collections of historical photos, etc. (The question I was trying to answer was "what did Dundee City Square look like before it was flattened early in the last century", which is the sort of thing this appears to be good for.)

to dundee history photos scotland ... on 06 August 2012 ยป Railways of Scotland edit / delete

Lots of information.

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Freedom Come Aa Ye - Dick Gaughan's Song Archive edit / delete

The song I've been failing to learn the lyrics for at the Fish... Dick Gaughan's excellent web site comes through again.

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Aye Can - Scots language - Scottish Census 2011 edit / delete

Training for the census questions -- but the useful thing is the big collection of recordings of Scots speakers from different areas. (The collection is much bigger than the links suggest; try changing the number in the URL!)

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