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An impressive collection of photos of Dundee from the 60s-80s. It's amazing how much the city centre has changed (in many cases, twice, after the council has realised that the concrete eyesore that replaced a bit of classic Scottish architecture was not as good an idea as it originally seemed).

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Cute use of Wikimedia metadata.

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ScotlandsPlaces edit / delete

Handy location-based search engine for collections of historical photos, etc. (The question I was trying to answer was "what did Dundee City Square look like before it was flattened early in the last century", which is the sort of thing this appears to be good for.)

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Carl's cccboard pictures.

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Collection: Kent Live Music edit / delete

Photos from Rutherford Unplugged. (I'm in a few of these... bonus marks if you can work out what I'm playing!)

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