KRC homepage edit / delete

David Turner's forerunner to Miranda (and hence Haskell's grandparent) -- a neat little functional language. The implementation here is terrifying: EMAS BCPL ported to C in the style of Bournegol!

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pi-cluster status edit / delete

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Kent Folk - Open Stages edit / delete

Open mic nights in the Canterbury area. (Not many that are practical to get to that I don't already know about, unfortunately...)

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Collection: Kent Live Music edit / delete

Photos from Rutherford Unplugged. (I'm in a few of these... bonus marks if you can work out what I'm playing!)

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Ashford Radio Club edit / delete

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Score for a Hole in the Ground edit / delete

Musical sculpture in Challock, designed by Jem Finer (better known for playing banjo in The Pogues). Worth a visit with some decent microphones at some point, I suspect...

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Kent Repeater Group edit / delete

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Children of the Drone - homepage edit / delete

Improvised music from Exeter using a wide variety of instruments. Albums available from Good stuff.

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The Edinburgh Computer History Project edit / delete

Notable for the stuff on EMAS with some papers. I particularly like the "CHERISH" command.

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