The Strowger Appreciation Site edit / delete

A collector who owns several telephone exchanges, among other things. He's recently restored the Glen Prosen 1950s exchange, which had apparently been sitting in a hut at the top of the glen until 2009 or so...

to aerial clock electronics retrotech telephone tv ... on 26 June 2018

90th IDPG Manuals edit / delete

A variety of US Army manuals. I came here via a link to the one on watch and clock repair -- but the manuals on how to run an army band (including instructions for violin repair and the instruction to avoid "violent, enervating jazz" when planning hospital concerts) are also fascinating.

to army clock etext manual mechanica military music repair retrotech watch ... on 10 July 2014

Building a Raspberry-Pi Stratum-1 NTP Server edit / delete

I've got a spare GPS module sitting around somewhere...

to clock gps ntp raspberry-pi time ... on 01 December 2013

Category:Clocks by time - Wikimedia Commons edit / delete

Cute use of Wikimedia metadata.

to clock photos time ... on 20 July 2013

Main Page - Chinese Watch Industry Wiki edit / delete

As it says. Really quite interesting.

to china clock engineering mechanica timekeeping watch ... on 28 September 2012

LinuxPPS edit / delete

How to set up high-precision NTP on Linux (apparently it's all in the mainline kernels now).

to clock linux ntp time ... on 31 July 2012

OK0EPB (exact pendulum beacon) edit / delete

Radio beacon using a pendulum clock. Very neat!

to beacon clock pendulum radio timekeeping ... on 19 June 2012

Derived Logic edit / delete

Homebrew electronics and computing, with some nice pictures, but a bit light on technical detail.

to clock electronics nixie retrotech z80 ... on 29 July 2009

LeapSecond Home Page edit / delete

Amateur timekeeping: an impressive collection of time standard devices.

to clock retrotech ... on 31 July 2005

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