Bowditch edit / delete

The US Government's guide to marine navigation. I came here looking for information on how a sextant is used, and ended up reading through the whole thing - it's fascinating. The sections on LORAN and on the unique problems of navigating in the Arctic are particularly interesting...

to arctic gps loran maritime navigation retrotech sextant shipping ... on 21 November 2018

Building a Raspberry-Pi Stratum-1 NTP Server edit / delete

I've got a spare GPS module sitting around somewhere...

to clock gps ntp raspberry-pi time ... on 01 December 2013

Dick Moore edit / delete

GPS-disciplined oscillators, upgrading classic Heathkit test equipment, etc.

to audio electronics gps heathkit oscillator test-equipment time ... on 28 May 2013

Raspberry Pi Stratum 1 NTP server with PPS – accurate timekeeping at low cost edit / delete

Must give this a try. Unfortunately the only GPS module I've got sitting around is one of the few that actually does RS232 rather than TTL signalling -- so I'd need to play a bit with level conversion.

to gps ntp raspberry-pi time ... on 08 April 2013

James Miller's Home Page edit / delete

Hm, thought I'd bookmarked this before -- lots of interesting satellite-related information, and GPS-disciplined oscillator and 9600bps packet modem projects.

to amateur electronics gps packet radio satellite ... on 10 July 2011

Andrew Holme's home page edit / delete

Homebrew FORTH CPU, Ethernet and GPS reception from scratch, power line modulation and various other nifty stuff.

to cpu electronics ethernet gps homebrew radio ... on 01 March 2009

Matjaz S53MV ( edit / delete

Extremely impressive electronics -- check out the beautifully-constructed homebrew GPS receiver!

to electronics gps ham radio ... on 06 October 2007

GPS edit / delete

Student project to build (the mathematical part of) a GPS receiver.

to gps ... on 20 July 2007

A home-made Garmin eTrex data cable edit / delete

Homebrew equivalent to the ridiculously expensive (and passive) eTrex data cable.

to electronics gps ... on 07 June 2006

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