Bowditch edit / delete

The US Government's guide to marine navigation. I came here looking for information on how a sextant is used, and ended up reading through the whole thing - it's fascinating. The sections on LORAN and on the unique problems of navigating in the Arctic are particularly interesting...

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Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions edit / delete

The awesome UA live shipping map. This means I can identify the ships outside my window...

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Cargo Law - Countryman & McDaniel - 25 Right,LAX edit / delete

Lots of articles on shipwrecks and similar transport disasters. Fascinating, if slightly disturbing, reading.

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MCA - Publications edit / delete

Home of the Receiver of Wreck, and thus the place to look for information about the MSC Napoli. (Turns out it was sailing from Antwerp, which is a bit difficult to rhyme.)

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