F-15C Flight Simulator Project edit / delete

... using the cockpit from a real F-15C -- the only privately-owned example. The challenge then is buying all the missing panels and controls!

to aircraft electronics f15 game mechanica simulator video ... on 18 December 2017

antirez/dump1090 ยท GitHub edit / delete

Decode Mode S (aircraft position) messages from aircraft, using an RTL-SDR dongle. Obvious expansions would be for receiving AIS (ship position) and APRS packets...

to aircraft mode-s radio rtlsdr sdr software ... on 24 March 2013

Very Simple ADSB receiver edit / delete

Using a microcontroller and a VCR tuner module.

to ads-b aircraft electronics microcontroller radio receiver ... on 29 September 2011

G4FEV Homebrew HF Transceiver Project. VU3CNS DDS VFO. IC706 Keypad. Simple ADs-B Receiver. RxControl Receiver edit / delete

The ADS-B receiver is really neat. (My junkbox is definitely not as well-stocked as his!)

to ads-b aircraft electronics radio ... on 16 January 2011

Homo Ludens edit / delete

Don't miss: the impressively detailed articles on power supply and inverter construction, the model Wankel engine, and how to build your own house.

to aircraft amusements building electronics engine inverter mechanica model psu radio regulator ... on 18 January 2010

Cargo Law - Countryman & McDaniel - 25 Right,LAX edit / delete

Lots of articles on shipwrecks and similar transport disasters. Fascinating, if slightly disturbing, reading.

to aircraft shipping transport wrecks ... on 25 January 2009

Building the front end of an Avro Lancaster Bomber of WWII fame. edit / delete

... with a full electronics and control setup. Very neat!

to aircraft aviation electronics radio retrotech ww2 ... on 21 August 2008

ATCMonitor.com - Frequently Asked Questions edit / delete

... and another lot (mostly edited versions of those I've already got).

to aircraft amusements ... on 29 April 2005

Atcbox edit / delete

... and some more.

to aircraft amusements ... on 29 April 2005

ATC Humour - ML AACC Quote Book edit / delete

... and again.

to aircraft amusements ... on 29 April 2005

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