palosaari (Antti Palosaari) · GitHub edit / delete

Currently developing an SDR API for V4L, so there'll be a standard way of driving RTL-SDR-like devices. Neat!

to api linux rtlsdr sdr v4l ... on 26 January 2014

SDR with Raspberry Pi and DVB-T receivers | edit / delete

FM broadcast and APRS reception.

to aprs broadcast fm raspberry-pi rtlsdr sdr ... on 14 December 2013

Playing a bit with the RTL-SDR stick I h ... / 2013-05-27 - Koos van den Hout edit / delete

APRS reception with an RTL-SDR stick.

to aprs rtlsdr sdr ... on 14 December 2013

antirez/dump1090 · GitHub edit / delete

Decode Mode S (aircraft position) messages from aircraft, using an RTL-SDR dongle. Obvious expansions would be for receiving AIS (ship position) and APRS packets...

to aircraft mode-s radio rtlsdr sdr software ... on 24 March 2013

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