The Development of SCADA and Instrumentation on the GPSS - Tim Whittle, 2013 edit / delete

I was wondering what the odd industrial site with a siding on the railway line to the north of Leuchars is - it's Linkswood GPSS, a fuel depot for Leuchars airfield. History of the system here.

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Erik Baigar's Home-Page edit / delete

Reverse-engineering antique aircraft electronics -- including the CPU of the Tornado radar system, and a most impressing moving map display.

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NATS | AIS - Home edit / delete

Details of UK airports -- all available online for free.

to airport aviation radio uk ... on 27 March 2011

Accident Investigation Board Finland - Entry page edit / delete

Finland's AAIB/RAIB/MAIB equivalent. Many reports are available in English.

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Air Accident Investigation UnitFull List of Reports edit / delete

The Irish equivalent of the AAIB.

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Greg Goebel / In The Public Domain edit / delete

Various history-of-technology stuff. The guide to WW2 radar and navigation technology is particularly good.

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An impressive collection of WW2 US Navy/Air Force radios, from one of the guys restoring the Enola Gay.

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Building the front end of an Avro Lancaster Bomber of WWII fame. edit / delete

... with a full electronics and control setup. Very neat!

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Air Accidents Investigation Branch: Publications edit / delete

Interesting -- lots of technical detail.

to aviation ... on 09 February 2008

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