Safety investigations & reports edit / delete

Rail and others.

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Service Inquiry (SI) - GOV.UK edit / delete

The army/navy/air force equivalent of the AAIB. Sadly there's no RSS feed for this on, as far as I can see...

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Die Brück’ am Tay – Wikisource edit / delete

A German take on the Tay Bridge disaster, by Theodor Fontane.

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Accident Investigations - NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board edit / delete

Rail accident investigations from the USA. An awful lot of these follow a common pattern: two trains collide head-on when operating on single track in "unsignalled territory". You would have thought that the cost of cleaning up a couple of these would outweight the cost of, like, installing some signalling. There's also not much in the way of detailed investigation of the root causes here.

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Transportation Safety Board of Canada - Rail reports edit / delete

Much like the USA ones, although the same companies and operating practices tend to be involved.

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Accident at Carr Bridge on 4th January 2010 :: The Railways Archive edit / delete

This is the recent one involving trap points that turned out to have been installed as a result of a WW2 accident: "Accident at Aviemore - Carrbridge on 5th March 1940".

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Isle of Man Ship Registry - Casualty Reports - Isle of Man Government DED edit / delete

Interesting reports, although they don't investigate very many of them.

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Paul Lee's Titanic page edit / delete

Some interesting stuff. Some rather far-fetched.

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