Service Inquiry (SI) - GOV.UK edit / delete

The army/navy/air force equivalent of the AAIB. Sadly there's no RSS feed for this on, as far as I can see...

to accidents air military ... on 11 October 2016

90th IDPG Manuals edit / delete

A variety of US Army manuals. I came here via a link to the one on watch and clock repair -- but the manuals on how to run an army band (including instructions for violin repair and the instruction to avoid "violent, enervating jazz" when planning hospital concerts) are also fascinating.

to army clock etext manual mechanica military music repair retrotech watch ... on 10 July 2014

The Impact of Synchronous Text-Based Chat on Military Command and Control edit / delete

How the US military uses IRC. ("2500-3000 concurrent users in 350-400 chat channels" in Iraq in 2005.)

to chat irc military ... on 17 April 2011

W7KF edit / delete

Some interesting military radios.

to electronics military radio retrotech ... on 27 March 2011

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