Casio 3208 · travisgoodspeed/goodwatch Wiki edit / delete

"The GoodWatch is a PCB designed to replace the Casio 3208 watch module, and as such it will fit into watches like the CA-53 and CA-506 that use the module."

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μWWVB: A Tiny WWVB Station · cat /var/log/life edit / delete

"μWWVB is a watch stand that automatically sets the time on atomic wristwatches where regular WWVB signal isn’t available. The system acquires the correct time via GPS and sets radio-controlled clocks by emulating the amplitude-modulated WWVB time signal." Awesome!

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Mark 11 Tracking Page edit / delete

"G6B/346 172/53" is the watch in William Gibson's "All Tomorrow's Parties". I wonder if the owner is Gibson himself...

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90th IDPG Manuals edit / delete

A variety of US Army manuals. I came here via a link to the one on watch and clock repair -- but the manuals on how to run an army band (including instructions for violin repair and the instruction to avoid "violent, enervating jazz" when planning hospital concerts) are also fascinating.

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Main Page - Chinese Watch Industry Wiki edit / delete

As it says. Really quite interesting.

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Homemade Pong Watch edit / delete

A homebrew intelligent watch -- this is something that's on my ideas page, so it's really nice to see that the technology is there to do it now. (Awful abuse of Javascript on the iWeb-generated web pages, though!)

to electronics embedded watch ... on 05 September 2008

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