Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (Bill Spindler's Antarctica) edit / delete

Everything you could possibly want to know about the construction and maintenance of the South Pole research station since the 1950s. Some highly entertaining photos and stories here.

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Account of the Skerryvore lighthouse - Stevenson, Alan edit / delete

Having recently read "The Lighthouse Stevensons", here's Alan Stevenson's book. Well worth flipping through -- even if just for the diagrams!

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Adrian the Rock - British Railway Signalling edit / delete

A very large collection of pictures of railway signals in the UK, including typical and unusual installations. I came here looking to find out what places were still using semaphore signals, and several hours later was still happily clicking away...

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Festipedia edit / delete

"Festipedia is dedicated to recording the history of the Festiniog Railway from the 19th Century to the present day. You will also find much detail on the Welsh Highland Railway." I hadn't realised quite how big the FR/WHR is now -- I need to find an excuse to visit at some point!

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Andrew Briddon Locos Home edit / delete

A collection of (mostly) commercial diesel shunters, with detailed articles about their mechanical restoration. I now feel less worried about the space my instruments and computers take up -- at least I don't have 17 railway locomotives to find homes for!

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Northwestern Lightboard edit / delete

A fairly high tech setup for videoing chalk-and-talk lectures. (Flipping the image is the clever part...)

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Sound Software | Sustainable Software for Audio and Music Research edit / delete

Including Sourceforge-style hosting for academic audio projects. They run workshops using the Software Carpentry techniques.

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Main Page - Chinese Watch Industry Wiki edit / delete

As it says. Really quite interesting.

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LacusCurtius • Frontinus on the Water Supply of Rome edit / delete

The Latin text, and an older translation. It about ties for readability with the modern one, but it's not as accurate (and it tends to guess when the Latin is clearly gibberish).

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Frontinus Translation Introduction edit / delete

A decent readable modern translation of the classic (i.e. only surviving) work on aqueducts in Ancient Rome. (How did I get here? Frontinus shows up as a character in the Falco books.)

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