rangerovers.pub edit / delete

gordonjcp's Range Rover forum. Interesting reading but I'm now pretty convinced I'd never want to own one!

to car mechanica range-rover repair retrotech ... on 15 January 2017

Hobbit's techie-rants edit / delete

Some stuff about theatre lighting, and lots of detail about reverse-engineering and extending the Toyota Prius. I have no intention of buying one but it's interesting reading!

to car electronics ev lighting prius reverse-engineering theatre ... on 15 November 2015

Canadian Military Pattern Home Page edit / delete

Restoring a Canadian (Land-Rover-ish) military vehicle used by the BBC at the end of WW2. Then another two of them, presumably because once you've figured out how to take one of them apart...

to bbc car mechanica restoration retrotech vehicle ... on 23 November 2014

Raspberry Pi car computer | Flamelily I.T edit / delete

Suggests a source of relatively cheap small monitors on eBay -- although not dramatically cheaper than, say, an A10-based tablet...

to car embedded monitor raspberry-pi video ... on 13 August 2013

Glovebox lock removal edit / delete

The spring's fallen out of mine, so I can't get it open. But at least this page shows what it's meant to look like inside!

to car engineering golf mechanica vw ... on 27 February 2012

How Many Left? edit / delete

Count cars registered in the UK by model. Apparently I'm one of a couple of thousand Golf II CL 4+E drivers left -- something like 10% of the number there were when I bought it.

to car history ... on 03 December 2011

Mongoose Weber Install Guide :: Cowbie.net edit / delete

Replacing the carburettor on a Mk2 Golf.

to car golf mechanica ... on 27 September 2011

Imperial and metric tools for vehicle tuning,restoration or repair. edit / delete

Speciality tool supplier -- but how I got here was the article on restoring an old taxi for use as a regular car...

to car mechanica shopping taxi tools ... on 19 July 2010

Welcome to MightyBoyEV edit / delete

A very impressive refurbishment and conversion of a Suzuki Mighty Boy to an electric vehicle.

to car ev mechanica ... on 06 November 2009

oh2nlt project pages edit / delete

Some ambitious in-car electronics projects, and some Finnish ham radio stuff.

to car electronics ham radio ... on 16 September 2009

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