Learnable Programming edit / delete

Providing visual feedback and refactoring tools for simple graphics programs, with lots of example videos. Neat.

to graphics language-design teaching tools visual-programming ... on 24 October 2012


I like the pliers that are specifically designed for removing stuck screws. (I do have to wonder whether they have other brands they trade under, e.g. "Technician: Mediocre Professional Tools", "Cowboy: Poor Professional Tools".)

to shopping tools ... on 22 October 2012

Series: Unix as IDE « Arabesque edit / delete

A philosophy I also subscribe to.

to ide software-design tools unix ... on 16 September 2012

Soldering Tools & Soldering Iron & Soldering Station -- ZhongDi Manufacture Co.,Ltd. edit / delete

The maker of CPC's Duratool-branded soldering stations (which are excellent, by the way).

to electronics shopping soldering tools ... on 19 August 2011

Paul Crawford's Home Page edit / delete

Orbital models (the "Dundee code", which gpredict et al are based on) and all the information about spanners you could ever possibly need. I love the Internet.

to space spanner time tools ... on 27 February 2011

Imperial and metric tools for vehicle tuning,restoration or repair. edit / delete

Speciality tool supplier -- but how I got here was the article on restoring an old taxi for use as a regular car...

to car mechanica shopping taxi tools ... on 19 July 2010

Harry's Homebrew Homepage edit / delete

Why haven't I bookmarked this before? I keep finding useful stuff here. Lots of radio-related circuits, including how to homebrew a grid dip meter.

to electronics radio tools ... on 08 January 2010

eG Forums -> Knife Maintenance and Sharpening edit / delete

More information than you could ever possibly want about knife sharpening (via ben).

to kitchen tools ... on 25 June 2006

Knife Sharpening Tricks edit / delete

As it says -- how to sharpen a knife using a stone.

to cooking tools ... on 24 June 2006

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