LCD monitor test images edit / delete

A comprehensive set of images for LCD calibration. Very neat. My cheapie Samsung second monitor is now almost usable (and the later images make it clear where it's unfixable!).

to calibration colour gamma lcd monitor video ... on 22 August 2014

Ray Carlsen's Home Page edit / delete

Repair guides for all the Commodore 8-bit machines and many of the peripherals (disk drives, monitors).

to 6502 8bit c128 c16 c64 commodore disk electronics monitor psu repair retrocomputing ... on 05 August 2014

Raspberry Pi car computer | Flamelily I.T edit / delete

Suggests a source of relatively cheap small monitors on eBay -- although not dramatically cheaper than, say, an A10-based tablet...

to car embedded monitor raspberry-pi video ... on 13 August 2013

AnandTech - The Achieva Shimian QH270: A $350 27-inch WQHD S-IPS Display edit / delete

Cheap 2560x1440 IPS monitor -- needs dual-link DVI, though, so I'd need a new graphics card too...

to lcd monitor shopping ... on 09 June 2012

Hard Choices: 8 Things You Should Know About Monitors | Rock, Paper, Shotgun edit / delete

Good overview of modern display technology (part 1).

to hardware lcd monitor shopping ... on 08 April 2012

Hughski - ColorHug edit / delete

Open-source colourimeter. (Colorimeter? Dunno.) Interesting, although not working on CRTs is a pain.

to calibration colour monitor test-equipment video ... on 27 February 2012

Monitor calibration and gamma edit / delete

Gamma calibration charts of a type I'd not seen before. Seems to work.

to gamma graphics monitor ... on 17 August 2011

Monitor repair forum edit / delete

The fault with the 17" LCD.

to dell electronics monitor repair ... on 20 February 2008

2001FP Problem - Monitors - Dell Community Forum edit / delete

Another instance of the problem I'm seeing.

to electronics monitor ... on 01 September 2006

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