LCD monitor test images edit / delete

A comprehensive set of images for LCD calibration. Very neat. My cheapie Samsung second monitor is now almost usable (and the later images make it clear where it's unfixable!).

to calibration colour gamma lcd monitor video ... on 22 August 2014

AnandTech - The Achieva Shimian QH270: A $350 27-inch WQHD S-IPS Display edit / delete

Cheap 2560x1440 IPS monitor -- needs dual-link DVI, though, so I'd need a new graphics card too...

to lcd monitor shopping ... on 09 June 2012

Hard Choices: 8 Things You Should Know About Monitors | Rock, Paper, Shotgun edit / delete

Good overview of modern display technology (part 1).

to hardware lcd monitor shopping ... on 08 April 2012

Bryan's Homepage edit / delete

Lots of stuff about Linux on TV-like displays (including custom firmware for some graphics cards), and making the Winterm useful. I liked the LCD-inna-big-monitor-case mod, the trick for getting three black-and-white video displays by splitting RGB, and the VGA-to-composite-video instructions.

to electronics graphics lcd video winterm ... on 26 March 2009

How to control a HD44780-based Character-LCD edit / delete

More LCD interfacing. Good reference, this, although short on hardware details.

to electronics lcd ... on 13 December 2008

HD44780-based LCD Modules edit / delete

Various stuff on LCD module interfacing.

to electronics lcd ... on 13 December 2008

PIC microcontrollers : chapter 7 - Examples edit / delete

Driving the LCD display I've got from a PIC.

to electronics lcd pic ... on 28 June 2005

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