PICatout: LED scintillante edit / delete

Making your own flashing LED, with a little PIC glued to the base. This is very silly and also very impressive.

to amusements electronics led microcontroller pic ... on 09 April 2014

PIC Blitz edit / delete

"PIC Blitz is a tiny, low-power, ultra-low-cost device that plays lightning chess. It is based on a PIC16F628A microcontroller, which has just 3.5 kbytes of flash and 224 bytes of RAM."

to chess cute-code games microcontroller pic ... on 12 November 2013


Bulgarian company who make development boards for pretty much every microcontroller architecture out there. Pretty cheap, too. I'm particularly interested in their (planned) entry to the Raspberry Pi space, which is based on an LQFP version of the Allwinner A1x...

to arm avr electronics microcontroller pcb pic shopping ... on 30 April 2012

GBA Multiboot Intelligent Cable - Ajo's web site edit / delete

Multiboot using a PIC16F84. (Maybe I should use up my stock of PIC16C84s on this...)

to electronics gba microcontroller multiboot pic ... on 08 October 2011

PIC - related tools edit / delete

Some (now very old) PIC16C84-on-Linux stuff.

to electronics microcontroller pic ... on 10 October 2010

EI9GQ homebrew radio page edit / delete

Extremely simple frequency counter project from the RSGB magazine, complete with GPL-licensed firmware. (Although it's for a PIC, you can do basically the same thing with an AVR.)

to counter electronics frequency pic radio ... on 22 September 2009

Interesting Devices Ltd edit / delete

Sellers of extremely cheap PIC/AVR-based smartcards for satellite TV hacking purposes, programmers, and various other bits -- but I wonder if there are other uses for them... It might be cute to have a smartcard running the Transterpreter.

to avr electronics microcontroller pic reverse-engineering satellite shopping ... on 04 August 2009

dsPIC development under Linux edit / delete

GCC for the dsPIC (as used in the e-puck).

to c e-puck gcc microcontroller pic ... on 03 June 2009

eDrum edit / delete

PIC-based drum controller. Has the same sort of input circuitry I'm thinking of using.

to audio electronics microcontroller midi pic ... on 17 December 2006

PIC microcontrollers : chapter 7 - Examples edit / delete

Driving the LCD display I've got from a PIC.

to electronics lcd pic ... on 28 June 2005

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