netsniff-ng toolkit edit / delete

Various low-level packet tools -- I found this while looking for tunnelling systems based on NaCl.

to crypto ecc nacl networking packet security tunnel ... on 18 October 2016

Moserware: The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection edit / delete

Nice overview of what exactly is going on when establishing a TLS connection, with packet dumps and brief explanations of the maths.

to ag0803 crypto dump networking packet ssl tls ... on 17 December 2013

clumsy, an utility for simulating broken network for Windows Vista / Windows 7 and above edit / delete

This is exactly the kind of things AG0907 students will want for testing their network games...

to ag0907 ip network packet software testing windows ... on 29 November 2013

avr projects - ATmega8 TNC edit / delete

A use for some of those ATmega8s I've got around...

to avr microcontroller packet radio tnc ... on 19 May 2012

CB Packet Radio Website. CBPG. edit / delete

As it says. Apparently still active in various parts of the world.

to cb packet radio ... on 05 January 2012

James Miller's Home Page edit / delete

Hm, thought I'd bookmarked this before -- lots of interesting satellite-related information, and GPS-disciplined oscillator and 9600bps packet modem projects.

to amateur electronics gps packet radio satellite ... on 10 July 2011

TVIPUG edit / delete

Defunct packet group, but useful projects, including a simpler 9600-baud modem.

to amateur electronics modem packet radio ... on 04 July 2011

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