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Hellschreiber beacon with an AVR. This idea sounds worth playing with -- more fun than PSK31 and simpler to transmit!

to avr beacon digimodes electronics hellschreiber microcontroller radio ... on 23 August 2011

30m BAND UTILIZATION -- G3NRW edit / delete

Good visualisation.

to 30m bandplan digimodes ham radio ... on 25 June 2011

Linux: Multimon Radio Transmission Decoder edit / delete

Too scrappy to be worth packaging, but might be worth reusing -- does POCSAG, DTMF, etc.

to digimodes radio software ... on 27 March 2011

Digital Modes Samples edit / delete

Audio-only, but a good overview of commercial stuff.

to digimodes hf radio vhf ... on 27 January 2011

PSK Automatic Propagation Reporter edit / delete

Show who's being heard where on PSK. fldigi can talk to it.

to digimodes ham hf psk radio ... on 23 October 2010

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