Vinyl Data | edit / delete

Hidden data tracks on 80s albums. The Spectrum was popular.

to data modem music retrocomputing spectrum vinyl ... on 09 February 2015

absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured edit / delete

What's actually going on when a 56k modem connections. Nice visualisation. (There's plenty of other cool stuff on this blog as well.)

to modem protocol visualisation ... on 24 March 2013

windytan/redsea · GitHub edit / delete

RDS decoder. In Perl. Obviously. Hooking this up to gqrx or similar would be an interesting project.

to fm modem radio rds sdr ... on 02 February 2013

FDMDV Modem « Rowetel edit / delete

Adapting an existing modem for use with Codec2.

to codec codec2 digital-modes modem radio software ... on 27 May 2012

TVIPUG edit / delete

Defunct packet group, but useful projects, including a simpler 9600-baud modem.

to amateur electronics modem packet radio ... on 04 July 2011

Sakis3G - All-in-one script edit / delete

Glad it's not just me that doesn't like NetworkManager.

to 3g modem network ... on 11 August 2010

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