The Great 78 Project – Community Preservation, Research, Discovery of 78rpm Records edit / delete

An subproject. The papers about how they're doing the digitisation are very interesting; there's a nice study of what stylus size to use for various eras/manufacturers of 78s, for example.

to 78 archive music record retrotech vinyl ... on 12 September 2017

Vinyl Data | edit / delete

Hidden data tracks on 80s albums. The Spectrum was popular.

to data modem music retrocomputing spectrum vinyl ... on 09 February 2015

Thorens TD224 Changer edit / delete

I want one!

to mechanica record retrotech vinyl ... on 23 November 2014

Grouchos Dundee - Record CD and DVD Exchange edit / delete

Another shop to visit.

to dundee music shopping vinyl ... on 04 October 2010

Radio History - Index page edit / delete

Explains why old comedy programs always had 30s of music after them, among other things.

to bbc broadcast radio recording tape vinyl ... on 06 February 2010

Jim's Audio Pages and Websites edit / delete

Articles on UK amplifier manufacturers, and various analytical stuff on digital audio.

to audio hifi retrotech vinyl ... on 21 November 2009

VINTAGE78.COM edit / delete

Record collector Joe Bussard's site.

to 78rpm music old-time vinyl ... on 25 January 2009

Van den Hul: Phono FAQ edit / delete

Both informative and entertaining (this is Van den Hul of VdH stylus profile fame).

to audio electronics vinyl ... on 21 February 2007

My Turntables-Main edit / delete

Some interesting bits of pro audio equipment -- particularly EMT turntables.

to audio electronics history retrotech vinyl ... on 21 February 2007

Album Art Frame edit / delete

Someone implemented my record-frames idea. :)

to art shopping vinyl ... on 02 June 2006

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