Sinclair Radionics - an inside view edit / delete

"I worked for Sinclair Radionics for the above period, being the second engineer employed by Clive. The first was Jim Westood. These are some recollections, both technical and anecdotal, and data from that period." i.e. this is Sinclair in their pre-digital period -- hifi amplifiers and the like.

to audio electronics hifi retrotech sinclair ... on 18 October 2016

IKEA Lack Full Range Speakers - diyAudio edit / delete

What a splendidly silly idea! (Plenty of other weird speaker designs in this forum too.)

to amusements audio hifi ikea speaker ... on 28 August 2016

Briarsfield Hi-Fi - Projects page edit / delete

Advice on restoring various kinds of vintage hi-fi equipment.

to audio electronics hifi repair retrotech ... on 27 August 2016

Popular Electronics Magazine edit / delete

All SWTPC (of later home computer fame)'s Popular Electronics projects. Includes several generations of a neat transistor amplifier project, and other standard 70s audio fare. The guitar amp stuck out as one worth cribbing ideas from (e.g. the tone controls which I've never got right on my practice amp...).

to amplifier audio electronics hifi retrotech swtpc ... on 01 May 2016

Hi-Fi, DIY Projects edit / delete

60s/70s audio projects -- mostly amplifiers and mods to them -- from Hi Fi News and similar magazines.

to amplifier audio electronics etext hifi retrotech ... on 18 April 2016

David Hembrow - Hi-Fi Pages. Reviews, Articles, Ideas etc. edit / delete

Some reviews of hi-fi components. The Arcam NICAM tuner is an interesting (and now completely useless) device...

to audio hifi retrotech reviews ... on 31 March 2016

Slaying Dragons | Content | Resolution | the audio production magazine edit / delete

"Industry audio guru John Watkinson writes regularly for Resolution magazine and challenges popularly held beliefs and encourages us to take nothing for granted." Particularly good article on grounding. (Via my dad.)

to audio audiophilia electronics hifi production recording ... on 19 January 2015

24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed edit / delete

Excellent technical explanation of why 44k1/16-bit is plenty good enough for distribution (and 44k1/24-bit is more than enough for recording).

to audio cd hifi music recording sampling ... on 16 September 2012

Welcome to John edit / delete

Old Sun and MC machines, and creative repairs to Telefunken hifi.

to audio electronics hifi retrocomputing retrotech ... on 20 May 2010

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