Grateful Dead Family Discography:Home edit / delete

Very comprehensive. I found this useful for details of the GD Laserdiscs I've got.

to cd garcia grateful-dead laserdisc music nrps ... on 29 June 2020

The CD+G Museum edit / delete

Details and videos of CD+G releases. (Doesn't cover karaoke, which I suspect is where the bulk of this was.)

to cd graphics music retrotech ... on 08 October 2018

morituri edit / delete

An EAC-style CD ripper for Linux (or, more precisely, ripper frontend, since it uses cdrdao etc. underneath). I wonder if there's anything worth borrowing for cdsuite here.

to audio cd rip software ... on 13 March 2015 - Debian Live system / CD for sysadmins and texttool-users edit / delete

The rescue CD I use that I keep forgetting the name of.

to cd debian grml linux rescue software ... on 12 January 2013 edit / delete

A wide variety of fun homebrew projects; I remember reading about the CHAOS machines here before, but there's also a DIY CD player, various ATM stuff, etc.

to 2650 68000 atm cd electronics homebrew retrocomputing ... on 07 January 2013

24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed edit / delete

Excellent technical explanation of why 44k1/16-bit is plenty good enough for distribution (and 44k1/24-bit is more than enough for recording).

to audio cd hifi music recording sampling ... on 16 September 2012

Super Video CD Overview edit / delete

How SVCDs work.

to cd spec ... on 13 August 2006

CD+G Revealed edit / delete

How the CD+G spec, used by karaoke machines, works.

to cd spec ... on 13 August 2006 zShop edit / delete

Where Amazon sell their returns and damaged stock.

to books cd music shopping vinyl ... on 14 May 2006

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