Garcia edit / delete

"This site was built initially to accommodate overflow material from Garcia: An American Life, my biography of Grateful Dead guitarist/singer/songwriter Jerry Garcia." Also includes the discography section of the book.

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Lost Live Dead edit / delete

Superb blog on the history of the Grateful Dead, with detailed articles on venues, people and related bands. Well worth reading through the whole thing.

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The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics, by David Dodd edit / delete

"This site provides footnotes for Grateful Dead lyrics. The standard procedure will be to provide links for words or phrases which might benefit from some elucidation, without attempting to give definitive "interpretations," since that's a very personal endeavor."

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Grateful Dead Family Discography:Home edit / delete

Very comprehensive. I found this useful for details of the GD Laserdiscs I've got.

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