The Dragon's Lair Project edit / delete

Emulation of LaserDisc games.

to arcade emulation games laserdisc retrotech ... on 01 May 2016

Welcome to Save Star Wars dot com! edit / delete

Various stuff about reconstructing or preserving the original cut of the Star Wars movie.

to archiving film laserdisc restoration sf star-wars video ... on 25 August 2014

Joel's Mundane Life - Wakefield Acorn Show 2008 edit / delete

Note about fixing the "tilt" error.

to bbc domesday laserdisc retrocomputing ... on 20 January 2009

DAPHNE Arcade Laserdisc Emulator edit / delete

Has GPL code to drive the Laserdisc player Dave gave me.

to arcade emulation games laserdisc ... on 31 December 2006

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