Grateful Dead Family Discography:Home edit / delete

Very comprehensive. I found this useful for details of the GD Laserdiscs I've got.

to cd garcia grateful-dead laserdisc music nrps ... on 29 June 2020

NEC uPD6102G datasheet edit / delete

The chip used (or at least carefully emulated) by Pioneer's laserdisc remote controls. This datasheet explains the timings of the protocol.

to electronics ir laserdisc remote retrotech ... on 17 July 2019

Pioneer CLD-1450 mods edit / delete

I've done the NTSC bypass mod to mine, which works well; you can do it more tidily from the underside of the board. (I suspect the mystery remote control mod he mentions is to the remote control itself, since the two keys are in the same column.)

to laserdisc pioneer retrotech ... on 17 July 2019

The Dragon's Lair Project edit / delete

Emulation of LaserDisc games.

to arcade emulation games laserdisc retrotech ... on 01 May 2016

Welcome to Save Star Wars dot com! edit / delete

Various stuff about reconstructing or preserving the original cut of the Star Wars movie.

to archiving film laserdisc restoration sf star-wars video ... on 25 August 2014

Joel's Mundane Life - Wakefield Acorn Show 2008 edit / delete

Note about fixing the "tilt" error.

to bbc domesday laserdisc retrocomputing ... on 20 January 2009

DAPHNE Arcade Laserdisc Emulator edit / delete

Has GPL code to drive the Laserdisc player Dave gave me.

to arcade emulation games laserdisc ... on 31 December 2006

CED Magic - The RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc Web Site edit / delete

The "not laserdisc" format. Still surprisingly common on UK eBay.

to ced laserdisc retrotech video ... on 17 April 2005

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