Lost Live Dead edit / delete

Superb blog on the history of the Grateful Dead, with detailed articles on venues, people and related bands. Well worth reading through the whole thing.

to 1960s garcia grateful-dead music psychedelia us ... on 30 June 2020

Washington Tunnels edit / delete

"Washington sits atop an interconnected layer cake of transportation, utility, and pedestrian tunnels extending three dimensionally beneath city streets. Given their importance to daily life in the nation's capital, it's surprising to find that the full picture of Washington's various tunnels remains unpainted. This project aims to complete that picture." I'm reminded of Joseph Brennan's transit site...

to architecture history transport tunnel us ... on 08 January 2019

Dial-A-Joke Telephone Entertainment Phone Recordings Jokeline Page edit / delete

Some of these feature in Evan Doorbell's recordings.

to amusements jokes phreaking telecom telephone us ... on 23 August 2014

Broadcast History Resource Links edit / delete

Elizabeth MacLeod's comprehensive articles on particular American broadcasters (e.g. there's a really good section here on Amos and Andy, and how it's been interpreted by history).

to broadcast history radio us ... on 01 December 2013

Presidential Recordings Program—Miller Center edit / delete

The complete released recordings from Nixon, Kennedy, et al. Very interesting.

to audio history recording us ... on 07 October 2011

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