Washington Tunnels edit / delete

"Washington sits atop an interconnected layer cake of transportation, utility, and pedestrian tunnels extending three dimensionally beneath city streets. Given their importance to daily life in the nation's capital, it's surprising to find that the full picture of Washington's various tunnels remains unpainted. This project aims to complete that picture." I'm reminded of Joseph Brennan's transit site...

to architecture history transport tunnel us ... on 08 January 2019

netsniff-ng toolkit edit / delete

Various low-level packet tools -- I found this while looking for tunnelling systems based on NaCl.

to crypto ecc nacl networking packet security tunnel ... on 18 October 2016

QuickTun - Qontrol.nl Wiki edit / delete

Interface-level tunnelling using NaCl for security.

to crypto ip nacl networking tunnel ... on 22 July 2014

kryo.se: iodine (IP-over-DNS, IPv4 over DNS tunnel) edit / delete

"iodine lets you tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server."

to dns ip networking to-package tunnel ... on 22 July 2014

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