ENIGMA M4 - Breaking German Navy Ciphers edit / delete

Results of the project that was breaking Enigma messages found in a sunken U-Boot.

to crypto enigma history ww2 ... on 22 September 2020

A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography edit / delete

Work in progress.

to book crypto ... on 05 May 2018

BearSSL - Constant-Time Crypto edit / delete

Or: why constant-time crypto is somewhere between extremely difficult and impossible. (I found this through a discussion of how what it recommends is no longer constant-time on current CPUs.)

to constant-time crypto programming ... on 10 February 2017

netsniff-ng toolkit edit / delete

Various low-level packet tools -- I found this while looking for tunnelling systems based on NaCl.

to crypto ecc nacl networking packet security tunnel ... on 18 October 2016

The Cryptopals Crypto Challenges edit / delete

"We give you problems to solve. They're derived from weaknesses in real-world systems and modern cryptographic constructions. We give you enough info to learn about the underlying crypto concepts yourself." These are really good.

to crypto security teaching ... on 14 October 2016

Peter Gutmann's Home Page edit / delete

"My research interests cover the design and analysis of security systems and security usability, including the application of concepts from cognitive psychology to understanding how users interact with security systems, and whatever else happens to catch my interest." Denizen of a variety of security/crypto mailing lists; lots of interesting stuff to read.

to crypto security systems usability usable-security ... on 15 September 2016

WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel edit / delete

VPN protocol based on Noise and straightforward public/private key mappings -- I rather like this design.

to crypto networking noise security vpn ... on 15 September 2016

Cracking the Agrippa Code edit / delete

Reverse-engineering William Gibson's "Agrippa", a poem published on a self-erasing disk.

to crypto mac reverse-engineering william-gibson ... on 27 August 2016

Things that use Ed25519 edit / delete

An interesting list. (Of course, the analogous "things that use RSA/AES" would be much longer...)

to crypto djb ed25519 ... on 21 June 2016

Password Hashing Competition edit / delete

Which these days is mostly about the winner, Argon2.

to argon2 crypto hashing password ... on 21 June 2016

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