Hawk/Ftwalk: Home edit / delete

A crossbreed of awk and find, with a more powerful language behind it. This is a pretty nice design, although thoroughly eclipsed by Perl.

to awk find ftwalk hawk language-design perl software ... on 25 August 2014

Concurrency - parrotcode edit / delete

"Independent Concurrency"?

to concurrency perl research ... on 02 September 2008

Pugs - pugscode edit / delete

The Perl 6 compiler/interpreter written in Haskell.

to compiler haskell perl research ... on 05 October 2006

crazy-compilers: bridgekeeper -- A Perl to Python source code converter edit / delete

No idea how well it works. (I suspect not very.)

to compiler perl python research ... on 13 August 2006

My Wandering Wiki: MultiMarkdown edit / delete

A Markdown parser (in Perl) that can generate output in other formats -- including parsing the sort of headers that we already use for OEPs.

to markdown oep perl software text ... on 30 May 2006

Coro edit / delete

Coroutines (with IO, channels, semaphores etc.) for Perl.

to concurrency perl research software ... on 26 January 2006

perl.com: A Plan for Pugs edit / delete

Interview with author of Pugs; lots of links to related projects.

to compiler haskell perl research ... on 12 May 2005

Crypt::OpenPGP::Words edit / delete

Perl implementation of the PGP bytes-to-words algorithm.

to crypto perl ... on 04 March 2005

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