tedu/reop ยท GitHub edit / delete

A simple GPG-like tool: message signing and encryption.

to cryptography encryption gpg pgp software ... on 22 March 2015

SKS Keyservers edit / delete

Better PGP keyservers. Modifying GARStow to use these is on the to-do list...

to gpg keyservers pgp ... on 18 January 2015

C3TV - Crypto Tales from the Trenches edit / delete

A group of journalists talk about how cryptography is useful to them -- and why it's a royal pain to use for the people they talk to. It's very encouraging to hear about the tools they use.

to ccc cryptography gpg journalism security tor whistleblowing ... on 18 January 2015

Why King George III Can Encrypt edit / delete

Coming up with better metaphors for how PGP signing and encryption works, and then *actually evaluating how effective they are with users*. The short answer: key/lock, seal/imprint. And tell a story about them.

to cryptography encryption gpg metaphors papers pgp security teaching ... on 18 January 2015

Linux Crypto Archives - Arabesque edit / delete

Good overview of Linux tools for cryptography, including GPG etc.

to crypto gpg linux ssh tutorial ... on 14 December 2013

Keylength - NIST Report on Cryptographic Key Length and Cryptoperiod (2012) edit / delete

Handy reference to a selection of standards for key length.

to cryptography dsa gpg key pgp rsa ssl ... on 07 September 2013

Nabble - SpamAssassin - Users - gpg keys? edit / delete

If you're wondering why your SpamAssassin setup broke after the last update with sa-update failing to verify signatures: here's the fix.

to gpg software spamassassin ... on 16 January 2008

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