C3TV - Cyber Necromancy edit / delete

The 31C3 presentation on reverse-engineering Metal Gear Online. You need to watch the video for this one.

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C3TV - Crypto Tales from the Trenches edit / delete

A group of journalists talk about how cryptography is useful to them -- and why it's a royal pain to use for the people they talk to. It's very encouraging to hear about the tools they use.

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C3TV - Hacking Ethics in Education edit / delete

"At the University of Amsterdam, we have started an ethical committee for the System and Network Engineering Master." Interesting to me because I run the ethics committee for the department I'm in at work (and we're about to pick up a load of security-related student projects). I suspect a follow-up presentation next year might be more interesting, though, since it sounds like they didn't have any ethics framework in place before (?! -- how on earth do they do funded projects?). Comprehensible in audio only.

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ChaosVPN – CCCHHWiki edit / delete

From this year's CCC proceedings -- a VPN for hackerspaces.

to ccc hackerspace vpn ... on 24 October 2013

CCCen - YouTube edit / delete

Videos from CCC in English.

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