Wendy Carlos Surround1 edit / delete

Wendy Carlos' recommendations for surround sound monitoring, discussing various speaker and room arrangements. Very interesting.

to audio mixing monitoring music speaker surround wendy-carlos ... on 27 August 2016

Monitor temperatures with Linux, Nagios, and DS1820 edit / delete

Cute. The sensors are a bit more expensive than the LM ones I use, but it's easier to drive lots of them from one device. The hack involving a small transformer and a power resistor strapped to a sensor to monitor the mains going out is... interesting.

to ds1820 electronics logging monitoring sysadmin temperature ... on 26 March 2014

Ganglia Monitoring System » What is Ganglia? edit / delete

Grid monitoring system used on the Display Wall. We should give this a try for the Kent cluster; seems to work nicely.

to cluster display-wall grid monitoring software ... on 28 July 2009

monit edit / delete

A remarkably fancy tool for monitoring stuff -- it's got daemontools-like functionality, along with checking for file changes and similar things.

to daemon monitoring software unix ... on 13 February 2006

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