jeffmer/micropython-upyphone: A gsm phone using pyboard and sim800l edit / delete

"Micropython code to implement a mobile phone". Neat!

to electronics gsm phone python ... on 24 October 2018

David A. Mellis: DIY Cellphone edit / delete

Wonder what the battery life is like...

to arduino electronics gsm mobile phone telephony ... on 30 September 2013

OsmocomBB edit / delete

A free GSM software stack that runs on common (and cheap) Motorola phones. This is really interesting; I'd like to be able to replace my Nokia with something that's free software, so I can fix some of the more egregious interface problems...

to gsm phone software telephony ... on 01 January 2012

The OpenBTS Project edit / delete

An open-source GSM cell implementation using GNU Radio.

to gsm phone radio sdr software ... on 04 September 2008

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