David A. Mellis: DIY Cellphone edit / delete

Wonder what the battery life is like...

to arduino electronics gsm mobile phone telephony ... on 30 September 2013

OsmocomBB edit / delete

A free GSM software stack that runs on common (and cheap) Motorola phones. This is really interesting; I'd like to be able to replace my Nokia with something that's free software, so I can fix some of the more egregious interface problems...

to gsm phone software telephony ... on 01 January 2012

Milton Keynes Museum edit / delete

Should I ever make it to Bletchley Park, apparently this museum's telephony exhibits are also worth seeing...

to history milton-keynes museums telephony travel ... on 23 August 2011

FreeSWITCH Wiki edit / delete

An Asterisk alternative for people who really like writing XML. (Hmmm.)

to telephony voip ... on 28 February 2011

Main Page - Hackable1 edit / delete

Debian for mobile phones. (Or Maemo done right, in theory...)

to debian linux software telephony ... on 27 December 2008

Project MF -- Welcome Page! edit / delete

Heh -- Asterisk patches to make it support MF signalling, which makes a blue box work with it. Some people have too much time on their hands...

to asterisk phone phreak telecom telephony ... on 25 November 2008

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