IKEA Lack Full Range Speakers - diyAudio edit / delete

What a splendidly silly idea! (Plenty of other weird speaker designs in this forum too.)

to amusements audio hifi ikea speaker ... on 28 August 2016

Wendy Carlos Surround1 edit / delete

Wendy Carlos' recommendations for surround sound monitoring, discussing various speaker and room arrangements. Very interesting.

to audio mixing monitoring music speaker surround wendy-carlos ... on 27 August 2016

mnats.net edit / delete

Various compressor and preamp projects (mostly clones of classic gear), and do-it-yourself Yamaha NS-10s.

to audio compression electronics speaker ... on 01 November 2012

G4DCV edit / delete

Assorted technical stuff: building RF amps with Russian valves, LS3/5a collecting, radio software for the Amiga...

to amiga amplifier electronics radio speaker ... on 30 March 2012

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