Sound on Sound's "Classic Tracks" | MetaFilter edit / delete

List of all the articles. Fascinating reading!

to audio history mixing music recording retrotech ... on 13 May 2017

PA Basics edit / delete

"A Basic Guide to PA Systems and Equipment in Live Sound Applications". Lots of useful material here!

to amplifier audio electronics live microphone mixing pa ... on 13 May 2017

Wendy Carlos Surround1 edit / delete

Wendy Carlos' recommendations for surround sound monitoring, discussing various speaker and room arrangements. Very interesting.

to audio mixing monitoring music speaker surround wendy-carlos ... on 27 August 2016


This is a pretty good introductory guide.

to audio live microphone mixing music recording ... on 22 April 2016

Compression Made Easy edit / delete

A good overview of audio compressors and the common control schemes.

to audio compression mixing recording ... on 13 September 2015

ADRess edit / delete

Algorithm for extracting single sources from a stereo mix. The paper describes it in a reasonable amount of detail.

to algorithms audio mixing ... on 14 June 2006

ardour edit / delete

The Ardour DAW. I ought to get this packaged...

to audio garstow mastering mixing recording software ... on 30 April 2005

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