This is a pretty good introductory guide.

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Capturing Perfect Harmonica Recordings edit / delete

With particular reference to acoustic harmonica. The key bit of advice is to mike from below to avoid breath noises.

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Michael Gerzon Audio Pioneer edit / delete

Co-developer of the Calrec Soundfield microphone, as a result of considerable experimentation with stereo and quad recording techniques as a student.

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BBC Proms edit / delete

The microphone arrangements used for the 2014 Proms, described in some detail. They had several completely independent arrangements for different media.

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Ambisonic Microphone Exp2 Construction Documents page edit / delete

I am standing in my garage...

to ambisonics audio electronics microphone ... on 01 October 2010

Dan's Soundscapes Home Page edit / delete

I am standing in my garage with, erm, four cheap microphone capsules and some copper wire...

to ambisonics audio electronics microphone surround ... on 18 December 2009

Wendy Carlos HomePage edit / delete

Not just her music (Switched-On Bach, et al.), but details of her studio equipment, musings about mapmaking and surround sound, and various other geeky stuff. Good reading.

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Powering microphones edit / delete

In particular: how to wire condenser microphones for power from a soundcard (and, more specifically in this instance, how they're meant to be wired when you're trying to fix one).

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Stereo Recording Techniques edit / delete

Microphone techniques for stereo.

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