Welcome to MapServer — MapServer 6.2.1 documentation edit / delete

For that homebrew satnav project... this can generate map images on the fly from various sources, including OSM.

to cartography graphics maps navigation osm software ... on 29 July 2013

Welcome To Opticks - Opticks - Opticks Wiki edit / delete

A tool for viewing very big remote-sensing images -- such as satellite photos.

to cartography graphics photography remote-sensing satellite software ... on 13 September 2010

Wendy Carlos HomePage edit / delete

Not just her music (Switched-On Bach, et al.), but details of her studio equipment, musings about mapmaking and surround sound, and various other geeky stuff. Good reading.

to amusements audio cartography cats microphone music recording surround synth ... on 23 December 2008

Map Projections - Welcome edit / delete

An insane amount of detail about different map projections, with plenty of examples.

to cartography maps ... on 08 June 2008

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