Mark Fickett | Art Stuff | Dice Roller edit / delete

"An automatic system for rolling a polyhedral die and taking photos of the rolls; extracting the image of just the die from those images; clustering the images of the die by which face is shown; and analyzing the results."

to dice games random rpg statistics vision ... on 19 September 2016

How We Learned to Cheat at Online Poker: A Study in Software Security edit / delete

Why you want to use a good RNG and a proper shuffle algorithm.

to ag0803 games random security shuffle ... on 07 June 2015

Ciphers By Ritter: Cryptography and Technology edit / delete

Various crypto stuff, with some interesting (Usenet-sourced) comments on RNGs.

to cryptography random rng ... on 03 May 2015

The bell has tolled for rand() | Explicit C++ edit / delete

What to use instead of rand().

to ag0700 c++ library rand random ... on 22 March 2015

PCG, A Family of Better Random Number Generators | PCG, A Better Random Number Generator edit / delete

An RNG that's a bit more complex than the good old "minimal standard" one, but substantially better. I am, however, really not convinced about the critique of ChaCha20 here (it's not really fair to complain that it's not had much cryptanalysis because it's new -- and then propose *your own* new one!).

to random rng software ... on 17 March 2015

waywardgeek/infnoise ยท GitHub edit / delete

Generating random numbers by analogue modular multiplication and feedback. Neat idea. (And should be easy to hack together using a FET-input op-amp and an Arduino board for the FTDI chip...)

to crypto electronics noise random rng ... on 05 March 2015

Bob Jenkins' Web Site edit / delete

Good material on simple hash functions and PRNGs, and how to test them.

to crypto hash maths random software ... on 30 October 2010

Yet another RNG - sci.stat.math | Google Groups edit / delete

TRH's recommendation for a PRNG with 16-bit output -- although this one has more than 16 bits of internal state.

to maths random ... on 19 August 2009

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