Crit-bit trees edit / delete

A simplified version of the PATRICIA trie; allows the operations of a hash plus lexicographic lookup, with potentially better efficiency (although I guess you need to be careful about locality).

to associative data-structures djb hash tree ... on 17 December 2016

Why Bloom filters work the way they do | DDI edit / delete

Good explanation of Bloom filters. (This'd be a nice example of a data structure to explain for FYP.)

to bloom data-structures fyp hash programming ... on 14 December 2013

The Keccak sponge function family edit / delete

The hash function that's just won the SHA-3 contest. Excellent documentation, including a guide to implementing it that makes very interesting reading.

to cryptography hash sha3 ... on 15 October 2012

andrewclegg/sketchy ยท GitHub edit / delete

Hashes with deliberate collisions for similar data in Python. This is the sort of thing I'm after for location-based hashing in a simulation framework.

to data-structures hash python simulation software ... on 27 May 2012

A Hash Function for Hash Table Lookup edit / delete

Actually quite a lot of them.

to data-structures hash maths programming ... on 27 February 2012

Bob Jenkins' Web Site edit / delete

Good material on simple hash functions and PRNGs, and how to test them.

to crypto hash maths random software ... on 30 October 2010

The SHA-3 Zoo - The ECRYPT Hash Function Website edit / delete

Submissions to the NIST hash function competition, and attacks on them.

to cryptography hash maths ... on 16 November 2008

Hash functions. edit / delete

A faster hash function for some CPUs.

to hash software ... on 26 July 2005

A Hash Function for Hash Table Lookup edit / delete

Descriptions of various hash functions.

to hash software ... on 26 July 2005

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