AB21.3.6 edit / delete

Tony Hoare's 1965 proposal for adding records to Algol. It's quite nice.

to algol cmp409 data-structures language-design retrocomputing ... on 15 January 2019

qp tries edit / delete

"A qp trie is like a crit-bit trie (aka patricia trie) except each branch is indexed by a few bits at a time instead of one bit. The array of sub-tries at a branch node is compressed using the popcount trick to omit unused branches." I'm thinking about teaching crit-bit tries in CMP201 next year...

to cmp201 data-structures trie ... on 06 April 2017

Crit-bit trees edit / delete

A simplified version of the PATRICIA trie; allows the operations of a hash plus lexicographic lookup, with potentially better efficiency (although I guess you need to be careful about locality).

to associative data-structures djb hash tree ... on 17 December 2016

Exploring Binary - Binary Numbers, Binary Code, and Binary Logic edit / delete

A blog with infrequent posts, owing to its very specific subject. Posts include things like "How GLIBC’s strtod() Works". Actually very good, and probably of interest to students who're trying to remember those lectures I did about this kind of thing in the first year.

to ag0700 binary data-structures number numeric programming representation ... on 24 August 2014

A concrete illustration of practical running time vs big-O notation - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs edit / delete

One for AG0803 students: why algorithmic complexity isn't everything in a world with complex memory architectures.

to ag0803 complexity data-structures memory optimisation performance ... on 13 August 2014

Simple, Fast, and Practical Non-Blocking and Blocking Concurrent Queue Algorithms edit / delete

"Drawing ideas from previous authors, we present a new non-blocking concurrent queue algorithm and a new two-lock queue algorithm in which one enqueue and one dequeue can proceed concurrently." From 1996.

to ag0803 concurrency data-structures nonblocking queue ... on 04 June 2014

Why Bloom filters work the way they do | DDI edit / delete

Good explanation of Bloom filters. (This'd be a nice example of a data structure to explain for FYP.)

to bloom data-structures fyp hash programming ... on 14 December 2013

andrewclegg/sketchy · GitHub edit / delete

Hashes with deliberate collisions for similar data in Python. This is the sort of thing I'm after for location-based hashing in a simulation framework.

to data-structures hash python simulation software ... on 27 May 2012

A Hash Function for Hash Table Lookup edit / delete

Actually quite a lot of them.

to data-structures hash maths programming ... on 27 February 2012

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