Data-Oriented Design (Or Why You Might Be Shooting Yourself in The Foot With OOP) – Games from Within edit / delete

A student pointed me at this a couple of years ago -- cache-friendly programming from a games perspective.

to ag0803 architecture cache games performance programming ... on 14 October 2016

Cache Directory Tagging Standard edit / delete

It feels like I ought to have written some scripts that implement this...

to cache filesystem unix ... on 14 October 2016

Blosc edit / delete

"Blosc is a high performance compressor optimized for binary data. It has been designed to transmit data to the processor cache faster than the traditional, non-compressed, direct memory fetch approach via a memcpy() OS call." This is very neat -- it's a compressed data format designed so that you can decompress it into cache very quickly. AG0803 students take note!

to ag0803 cache compression memory optimisation python ... on 28 April 2014

Kyoto Tycoon: a handy cache/storage server edit / delete

Tokyo Cabinet-based, with expiry; maybe a better backend for coca-fs?

to cache database software ... on 20 July 2011

Gallery of Processor Cache Effects edit / delete

Some nice simple examples of cache weirdness.

to cache cpu optimisation performance teaching ... on 31 August 2010

ArchitectNotes – Varnish edit / delete

Making good use of virtual memory (i.e. don't second-guess the kernel) in a web cache. The comment about this not being 1976-style programming is amusing in that it's *exactly* 1976 programming, provided you think EMAS and not Unix...

to cache memory programming vm ... on 17 August 2010

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