How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70% edit / delete

A nice example that combines reverse-engineering with some basic DS&A knowledge.

to algorithms cmp201 games gta performance reverse-engineering ... on 20 March 2021

Friday Facts #317 - New pathfinding algorithm | Factorio edit / delete

Making A* more efficient for a complex map.

to astar cmp201 games pathfinding ... on 19 October 2019

Teaching critical thinking | PNAS edit / delete

"In our study, students in the experiment condition were explicitly instructed to (and received grades to) quantitatively compare multiple collected datasets or a collected dataset and a model and to decide how to act on the comparisons." This would be an interesting way to teach performance measurement in CMP201...

to cmp201 critical-thinking science statistics teaching ... on 04 November 2018

abseil / C++ Tips of the Week edit / delete

Bite-sized advice on modern C++, from developers at Google. Feels much like the old C++ FAQ Lite entries. Worth a look for CMP201 students.

to c++ cmp201 generics language-design programming templates ... on 25 October 2018

N4455 No Sane Compiler Would Optimize Atomics edit / delete

"Compilers do optimize atomics, memory accesses around atomics, and utilize architecture-specific knowledge. This paper illustrates a few such optimizations, and discusses their implications."

to atomic cmp201 compiler optimisation ... on 11 September 2018

Algorithms for making more interesting mazes edit / delete

Nicely related to graph algorithms. CMP201 students will probably find this interesting!

to algorithms cmp201 games graph maze ... on 06 April 2017

qp tries edit / delete

"A qp trie is like a crit-bit trie (aka patricia trie) except each branch is indexed by a few bits at a time instead of one bit. The array of sub-tries at a branch node is compressed using the popcount trick to omit unused branches." I'm thinking about teaching crit-bit tries in CMP201 next year...

to cmp201 data-structures trie ... on 06 April 2017

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